Maintaining The Best Pick and Pack Warehouse Services

In the ongoing quest for process improvement in warehouse management, picking and packing is often an overlooked area. However, even half a percent of mistakes that occur in picking can lead to huge productivity and money loss with having to process returns and deal with dissatisfied customers.

The picking and packing process should always be included in the list of areas for monitoring, if you wish to advance your process to one of the best pick and pack warehouse services in SC. There are several steps that can ensure a seamless picking and packing process.

When there are a high number of returned items because of incomplete orders or incorrect packing, there’s a problem in the picking and packing system. By pinpointing these orders occurring during a specific time period, you’ll be able to track them back to individual work stations. Always check your data return records to identify problem areas.

Regularly review your picking and packing process by going through the steps staff currently utilize. Update, there may be a better way of doing this process more efficiently. Ensure the process is in writing and all staff are issued a copy. Examine this process at intervals.

If the methods your staff are using differ from the process you have established, take a closer look and investigate. Ask questions. Staff may have found a simpler way of doing picking and packing that is more efficient. Do some digging to determine the most accurate way, since the staff method may also not be as beneficial as the one you put in place. Periodically check for discrepancies.

Invite your staff to comment and feedback to you concerning the picking and packing process. Arrange an informal atmosphere such as a luncheon, where everyone can relax and share their ideas and suggestions. Staff will feel that they are making a valuable contribution. This can only
improve the process and staff relations.

If you are able to monitor your picking and packing data you can hold contests between individual staff or teams. Staff with the lowest or zero order errors get a special prize. This can be done on a monthly basis. Invest in software that tracks monthly return data which will help you locate where the errors are originating. This investment will save you much in the long run.

Additional training for the handling of small items is a necessity as this is always an area of concern. These are easily dropped or missed. Set up a team who handle the picking and packing of small items. While one packs, the other can conduct a double checking and do a recount. This will ensure greater accuracy in your picking and packing process. Company profits are rarely hurt by a big mistake.

The real financial loss is always located in the small leaks that add up. Company revenues are slowly weakened by ongoing recurring errors. This can be prevented by making sure your warehouse management systems are regularly updated or adjusted, and well able to tackle an order of any size at all times. This will ensure your company operates the best pick and pack warehouse services.